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Fabio Milano frequently visits local Italian millers to select the best 100% organic flours for his pasta production in Houston, TX. These millers have been carefully grinding selected wheat and producing high-performance flours for generations over the past 150 years, using natural ingredients to promote maximum well-being and healthy food. Fabio’s is a well-established pasta producer that offers original Italian artisan fresh pasta to Houstonians. At Fabio’s, the fresh pasta is carefully made with traditional rollers, just like grandma used to make at home in Italy, bringing the greatest satisfaction of freshness, quality, taste, and performance. Fabio’s offers a wide range of artisan pasta varieties inspired by his grandmother, keeping the family tradition of artisan fresh pasta alive in Houston, TX since 1979.  Fabio Milano visita con frecuencia a los molineros italianos locales para seleccionar las mejores harinas 100% orgánicas para su producción de pasta en Houston, TX. Estos mo

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